Revplit Picture resizer API

Our servers resize your image, cache it worldwide, and display it.

  • We don't support animated images (yet).
  • We do support GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, XBM, WebP and other filetypes!
  • We do support transparent images.

Requesting an image:

  • ?url= (URL encoded) link to your image, without http://

Deprecated URL-parameter values

GET Value Use instead Info
a =t =top info
a =b =bottom info
a =l =left info
a =r =right info

Deprecated URL-parameters

GET Use instead Info
circle shape=circle info

Quick reference

Name GET Description info
Width w Sets the width of the image, in pixels. info
Height h Sets the height of the image, in pixels. info
Transformation t Sets how the image is fitted to its target dimensions. info
Crop crop Crops the image to specific dimensions. info
Crop alignment a Sets how the crop is aligned. info
Shape shape Crops the image to a specific shape. info
Quality q Defines the quality of the image. info
Output output Encodes the image to a specific format. info
Interlace / progressive il Adds interlacing to GIF and PNG. JPEG's become progressive. info
Base64 (data URL) encoding Encodes the image to be used directly in the src= of the -tag. info