Quality &q=

Defines the quality of the image. Use values between 0 and 100. Defaults to 85. Only relevant if the format is set to jpg.

<img src="//api.revplit.com/resize/?url=revplit.com/lichtenstein.jpg&w=300&q=20">

Output &output=

Encodes the image to a specific format. Accepts jpg, png or gif. If none is given, it will honor the origin image format.

<img src="//api.revplit.com/resize/?url=revplit.com/lichtenstein.jpg&w=300&output=gif">

Interlace / progressive &il

Adds interlacing to GIF and PNG. JPEG's become progressive.

<img src="//api.revplit.com/resize/?url=revplit.com/lichtenstein.jpg&w=300&il">

Base64 (data URL) &encoding=base64

Encodes the image to be used directly in the src= of the <img>-tag. Use this link to see the output result.